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Gaining mastery over the art of writings helps writers and students to feel better and confident in academic and non-academic writing. Mere language skill cannot help one to be victorious in writing because one who writes is expected to follow certain guidelines related to writing. First of all, one must try to identify the reason, purpose, audience, and aim of writing. This sort of pre-planning can help one to prepare academic papers without confusion and ambiguity. To be specific, research guidelines are helpful to know more about the different processes related to conducting scientific research and to produce results in written, virtual and printed versions. The urge to improve writing skills can help students to identify and implement innovative techniques to choose best sources for proposed papers.

Instructors expect students to make use of certain tricks to enhance their papers because technically perfect papers may not prove interesting. Students usually contact and communicate with their seniors and try to adopt certain tricks made use by them. On the other side, students who wish to gain access to different educational programs are expected to prepare scholarship essays to reduce economic burden. Academically excellent students can easily continue their education without any interruption because there are hundreds of scholarships to help them. Even extremely brilliant students consider scholarship essays as nightmarish because they may not have prior-knowledge in dealing with such papers. Besides, students can undertake the collective responsibility to unearth effective online sources that can help them to improve their writing skills.

Still, creativity plays an active role in boosting up enthusiasm and urge to go beyond the limits of traditional mode of research by referring to books and periodicals. Instead, students search for effective tools for searching and identifying information and to complete their academic papers. The custom dissertation writing service helps students to overcome the basic troubles related to the preparation of dissertations. Nowadays, students are most familiar with writing and proofreading tools available on the web. This is to be considered as a quantum-leap from the traditional mode of writing. For instance, there are several virtual applications and programs helpful for the student community to check grammar and discard grammatical errors, if any. If they suspect that their papers may have similarities with the resources collected from the web, they can make use of software and web pages aiming to create plagiarism free papers. Students can make use of the web during different stages of the preparation of a paper. During different academic years, students are asked to write different essays. For instance, some students prepare scholarship essays to keep themselves away from the economic burden related to education. Some other students prepare admission essays to gain admission to different schools and colleges.

So, help in the form of guidance is essential for a less experienced student to prepare different types of essays in general. To find out apt sources of information is not a Himalayan task in the modern world because the cyberspace is flooded with information. So, those who are interested in college admissions and scholarships can seek help from experts in the field. In short, there are several web-based platforms to improve one's skills related to reflective thinking and writing.

1) Research guide for students

Students adopt different types of research to complete works assigned by their instructors. There is no specific rule to conduct research to collect information for the completion of the proposed works. Still, most students go through the works completed by others and create a mind-map aiming to improve their proposed assignments. One can see that some students may be able to grasp the essence of the assigned topic at a glance and they can easily conduct research on the same with is ease. On the other side, slow-learners face problems while trying to extract the essence of the assigned topic and their research on the topic undergoes hindrance. This is a serious problem faced by students while trying to collect enough data for different works. Some other students may have ideas, but they might not have enough skill to conduct extensive research. While assigning research topics to students, educators must foresee the challenges faced by the student community in general.

First of all, students are expected to go through the topic and try to unearth its aim and purpose. If not, students cannot prepare key words related to the assigned topic and make use of the same for research purposes. If the instructor asks to choose a topic on one's own, students can exploit the scope of choice. To find information with relevance is not a hard nut to crack in the modern context. Students can make use of a number of platforms to find apt information and take notes on the same. Earlier, platforms for reference were limited within libraries with books, periodicals and newspapers. But now, things are getting easier because there are digital libraries and other different platforms for research on the web.

After going through different modes of collection of data and information, students can prepare their thesis or the main question to be answered in the body of the proposed work. Completing this level, students can prepare a layout and organize the collection of data according to its relevance in the proposed work. The next step to deal with is writing, especially the preparation of first draft. Some students revise their first draft by adding further information related to the proposed work. This sort of revision is essential because it can help the students to identify main errors and rectify the same in no time. The final step is time-consuming because typing the work as a whole by making use of the final draft or developing the draft into a completed work is a time-consuming process to deal with. To be specific, step by step writing and revising the same is one among the best policies to deal with research in different branches of education.

2) Best sources for students to improve writing skills

As pointed out, the scope of improving one's writing skills is quadrupled in the modern world. Anything related to writing is possible on the web because digital literacy did transform the habit of sharing information from limited access to full access and more. Earlier, students and those who are interested in sharing information faced several issues because they did not have any proper platform or channel to share and have information. But now, the wider spectrum of the World Wide Web is enough to break the barriers within collecting and sharing valuable information. Digital divide was a serious problem faced the past generation because one cannot gain access to the Web without having basic knowledge in computing. The current generation does not face any sort of difficulty because computers are accessible to everyone, including primary-school students.

Then, how to find out best sources to improve one's writing skills? Everything and anything related to knowledge is available on the Web. Right, perfect. Still, there must be certain criteria to deal with 'search engines' and the process of searching the Internet to collect information for future use. Those who are interested in making use of dictionaries to enrich their vocabulary and to track down interesting facts related to the origin of words in different languages can refer online dictionaries. Besides, those who are interested in learning new languages can make use of 'Google Translate'. For instance, 'Google Translate' can be used to communicate with others from different cultural backgrounds. Even if the languages used for communication are different, Google Translate can convert words and sentences to another language and vice versa. Similarly, 'Google Books' can be used to find out and make use of books and periodicals, and for citation purpose. There are thousands of online platforms helping student community to learn by broadcasting virtual classroom videos. Here, students can communicate with eminent instructors and can correct their mistakes and clear their doubts.

One among the main reasons behind the less proficiency in language and writing is the incorrect use of grammar. To be specific, students are expected to realize the fact that grammaticality and acceptability are different entities. Grammatically correct usage may not prove acceptable and vice versa. Students can choose from different websites aiming to help them to overcome the common mistakes related to the usage in grammar in different contexts. Those who are interested in correcting their mistakes and improving their writing skills can seek online help with ease. So, one among the best sources to improve writing skill is the Web and related thousands of online platforms.

3) Term paper writing tips and tricks

Term papers are usually assigned to students during the end of an academic year or a term, consisting of a proposed lengthy essay. The best possible option for a student is to choose a familiar topic with relevance. If the student decides to choose a difficult topic to score high marks or to gain high grade, the process of research and preparing the paper may prove to be a hard nut to crack. To be there must be some elements of interest and challenge in term paper topic. If the instructor is ready to allow the student to come up with individual topic, it is better to conduct a deep and wide research with the help of lecture notes and syllabus. The next step is to prepare an apt topic for the proposed term paper. This step is utmost important because it determines the effectiveness of the proposed term paper.

After preparing the topic, the student is expected to meet the instructor and discuss its relevance and action plan to complete the same within the limits of the deadline. Usually, instructors may ask to alter the topic by adding some facts or by deleting some areas from the same. This can help the student to identify the relevant and irrelevant areas of the topic. If the instructor asks to change the topic, student is expected to come up another topic, with more effectiveness, scope, and relevance. It is not wise to choose a topic with easiness or a topic with extreme difficulty because both the topics may prove ineffective in the end. Similarly, the skills to conduct research and to extract relevant information are important for a student who is preparing to deal with a term paper. Within this scenario, the Internet is most helpful because its scope is beyond a school or college/university library. Students can easily download and save any number of files and save the same in PDF format. It is better to choose from scholarly sources because instructors expect scholarly sources for a term paper.

Basic idea in making use of shortcuts or effective usage of keywords can help a student to transform the tiresome search for apt sources to an interesting process. For instance, the pound sign or hashtag (#) sign can help a student to limit the search within a few but relevant words or phrases. Students can depend upon electronic libraries or databases to conduct extensive research on specific topics because a newbie can face several difficulties to search on the Web. While dealing with the effort to amass information, students must keep in mind the fact that discussion forums can help them to know more about public opinion and individual ideas on the topic under discussion (say the term paper topic). The aforementioned ideas and tips can help an individual student to prepare effective term papers and to prove that preparing a term paper is not a problem but an opportunity to prove skills in research and writing.

4) How to write a winning scholarship Essay

The primary aim of a scholarship essay is to allow the target audience (selection committee) to have peep into the personality traits, curricular excellence and to know why the student did prepare the scholarship essay. The primary step while dealing with a scholarship essay is to identify the audience because selection committee consists of experts from different fields of education. They expect unique and truthful content with a little bit of exaggeration in the student's description of personality traits. Students are supposed to write for the audience consisting of the selection committee members and they are authorized to take decisions on selection for scholarship. Answering the scholarship essay prompt is the hardest part because students are expected to locate the questions, answer it in simple sentences, and mark the same.

First of all, students must concentrate on the content of the introductory part of a Scholarship Essay. To be specific, this area can be considered as the most powerful and effective weapon in the hands of a student. One can see that custom dissertation writing service providing websites provide importance to dissertations, but some among those websites help students by providing value points and related information to the needy. Try to provide answer to the question in a straight manner without any ambiguity because the selection committee values genuine and truthful facts. Students know that the expository part can decide the effectiveness and the scope of getting selected for the scholarship. Most students who apply for a scholarship try to point out general facts like economic problem, decision to continue higher education etc. Only some students get selected for scholarships because they know how to make use of their scholarship essay as a yardstick to evaluate their personality and the importance of scholarship in their academic life. Before starting to write, the student must keep in mind that the ultimate aim of the Scholarship Essay is to communicate with the selection committee and to convince them that the proposed scholarship is essential for the student.

A Scholarship essay must contain clear facts in a concise manner. The end product must be active voice speaking for the student and to force the selection committee to take an apt decision in favor of the student. The essay must prove that the person who is applying for the scholarship is ready to head on the challenges and this can be easily pointed out by making use of the essay as a tool to point out one's accomplishments in a tactical manner. The person who applies for a scholarship is expected to have certain basic standards to apply for the same. Proofreading and related editing are essential for an effective Scholarship Essay. During this process of the preparation of an essay, the writer can easily identify the common mistakes and rectify it by rewording or rephrasing the written stuff. In addition, different levels within the preparation of a Scholarship Essay can equip a person to improve writing skills.

5) Guide to scholarship essay writing

While studying in schools, students never ponder upon the scope of scholarships in higher education. Educational institutions, multinational companies, etc show their commitment towards student community by helping brilliant and needy students to continue their education. If a student feels that his or her lack of economic support will hinder the scope of higher education, there are several scholarship programs to choose from. The first step is to evaluate the economic aspects of higher education. If the student expects to gain admission for a professional course, it is better to apply for scholarships put forth by prominent educational institutions, educational trusts/boards, and multinational corporations. Besides, students can check out the past year's list of selection for Scholarship. This can help to have a bird's eye view on the procedure of selection and the scope of getting selected.

Student loans are easier to get, but its economic burden for a fresher is immense and difficult to handle. So, grants and scholarships provided by different institutions are most suitable for a student who considers that educational loans can be helpful during studying, but may prove burdensome after completing studies. Never choose a single institution or corporation to have economic aid in the scholarships. Instead, students must submit Scholarship applications at a number of institutions and corporations. One can see that institutions and corporations with social responsibility never try to discard a genuine request from a student who is facing economic problems related to education. The way a student presents oneself determines the scope of getting selected for a scholarship. Student must try to prove that he or she deserves to have continuation of education and scholarship is essential to do so. Fresher students may have vague ideas to deal with scholarship essays, but they may not have enough experience in preparing Scholarship Essays. So, it is not bad to seek expert help to prepare an effective, genuine, and convincing Scholarship Essay.

Before starting to write a Scholarship Essay aiming to have economic support, applicant can make use of the Internet and go through Scholarship Essay samples. Pre-planning, added with personal information and career aspiration can help an applicant to come up with an excellent Scholarship Essay. To be specific, sample essays are enough for an applicant to get clear cut idea on the main points to be included in a Scholarship Essay. There are several online writing tools to prepare and edit different types of Scholarship Essays. Still, personal information from personal point of view is essential to impress the scholarship providers in general. In short, an applicant can choose from several ways and ideas to prepare a Scholarship Essay, but the end product must be able to create a long lasting impression on the applicant and must be helpful to gain the scholarship and continue education without any economic burden.

6) 10 Online resources for help improve essay writing

To choose apt words to construct effective sentences to communicate with the readers is really tiresome. While trying to choose words, authors and bloggers face several difficulties because perfectionism may hinder them from choosing simple words and sentences. They create strings of words and form sentences, but the same cannot communicate with the audience in an effective manner. So, they try to cut short the sentences and this becomes an endless process. Some writers and bloggers seek help from editors who are capable to grasp the essence of the sentences constructed by the writers and bloggers and restructure the writings. This sort of online and offline help is most suitable for prolific writers because they consider writing as a profession, not as a leisure time activity. Still, any type of writing needs resources to improve effectiveness of the end product.

On the other side, writing for marketing purpose is entirely different because it needs technical know-how and technical terms. Those who are possess higher levels of education in business management financial management and basic knowledge in English language, and experts in the field prefer to write for marketing purpose. One can see that brochures and pamphlets on new products are prepared by the experts in the field of marketing different products. Now, the origin of the Web as the global marketplace, especially within the field of E-commerce, is accelerating the scope of online sources in writing. From a different angle of view, writing is just another mode of communication, aiming to unmask the best thoughts and the end product of the contemplation on innovative ideas and themes.

The process of writing allows the person who writes to be free from traditional modes of communication. For instance, a writer is not forced to write in front of the audience or the readers. Writer cannot choose the audience, but can have vague idea on the readership of the written matter. Maybe, works by eminent writers become popular after decades or after centuries. So, writer cannot choose the readers because some essays or any other type of writing become popular after years. Still, modern writers can have a little bit of advantage over the past writers because there are several resources to help them. For instance, writers can seek help from online editors. If a writer feels that there is less themes and ideas to choose from for writing, there are websites providing prompts related to the same. Some other websites allow writing what you wish to say to others. So, writers who are interested in improving their skills in writing can easily make use of online resources.

7) Tips to boost your paper writing creativity

People have more than enough ideas in their mind because it is difficult to keep aloof from thought. Some people make use of this stream of ideas to boost up and express their creativity in different forms. Some other totally ignore these ideas by considering it as total rubbish or they feel helpless while transforming the same from one form to another or from thought to creative action. The basic problem is inhibition that what others may think or how they accept creativity. Emotional and physical wellness or stability determines an individual's scope of expressing creativity. There are several ways to boost up one's creativity and to maintain the same, some tips and ideas are pointed out and discussed below.

First of all, writing is not a mechanical process, but the end product of listening, speaking and reading. Within this scenario, custom dissertation writing service can be helpful because creativity is beyond the limits of traditional mode of writing and service providers in the field have enough experience to deal with the same. Best possible way to stimulate creativity is to listen to something interesting and soothing one's ears. The habit of listening to soothing and melodious music, especially classical music from different composers can calm down the mind and stimulate creativity. Before listening to music, it is important to create ambiance of positive background to back up the process of listening as a whole. Practice, in the form of casual writing, is essential to develop personal interest in writing. Without proper practice, it is difficult to master the foundational skills. Now, the instrument to practice writing is pen or keyboard. So, start writing about any topic comes to mind at a glance. No need to worry about the end product because there will be an end product, with or without basic standard.

To be specific, the person who wishes to stimulate creativity and to write must take a firm decision to indulge in interesting activities. For instance, one can visit grandparents because they are with much experience in life. Listen to them because they have several stories related to life. These stories and real life incidents happened before years or decades can stimulate imagination. Long trips with or without friends or close relatives can refresh one's mind and fill the same with enthusiasm. While driving, one can listen to music and allow mind to wander here and there without any aim. This is an effective tactics to allow mind to be free from tension. One can see that a mind filled with different thoughts cannot stimulate creativity. Instead, temporary escapade from responsibilities can free one's mind and equip the same to deal with challenges. Indulging in works related to the conservation of nature and listening to the sounds of nature is another effective idea to stimulate one's mind. After doing this, one can feel that mind is free and is ready to head on the process of writing, with enthusiasm and newly gained energy.

8) Useful tools for writing academic papers

Preparing academic papers is an integral part of education within the modern context because academic papers help teachers to assess their students. Usually, students are asked to choose from a number of topics, purposefully assigned for the completion of the proposed paper. Academic papers, consisting of different levels of scholastic improvement, are generally considered as yardsticks to measure individual student's improvement. If one is not that much familiar with academic writing, there are several platforms and portals on the Internet to seek help from. One can see that academic writing in the form of different essays can equip students to be successful in future careers. Ability to express one's ideas and opinions in the form of words and sentences in more powerful than discourse or conversation. During a conversation, a speaker may not have much time to think and speak accordingly. But in writing, writer can have enough time to contemplate on the subject matter.

As pointed out, there are several tools to improve one's writing skills, and it is not that much difficult to gain access to the same. The website named as 'Statement of Purpose' is an effective internet platform equipped to render helping hands to students who are struggling to prepare application essays. The guidelines provided by the masterminds behind this website are enough for a student to prepare an effective and attractive application essay. Similarly, the website named as '' is most helpful for those who are interested in writing because one can share one's works with the help of online portfolio. Besides, this website helps to have feedback on the works completed by writers. This website is helpful for a newbie because it motivates to write without any hesitation because almost all those who seek help from this website face similar problem, i.e. the fear of ineffectiveness in writing.

Referencing-in-text referencing and referencing outside the paper as works cited or references-is a nightmare to a student writer who is trying to complete an essay. Most students consider that referencing is a tiresome and most boring work because they are forced to find out apt sources and make use of the same in their papers. Still, referencing helps students to back up their opinions and claims by depending upon expert opinions. If the facts included in the paper are not properly backed up with the help of expert opinions, instructors may provide less value to their facts and findings. So, the best possible way for a student to add technical perfection to the completed paper is to back up the same with references. The website named as RefMe can be used to create citation and lists of references. This is most helpful for a student who is with less or no technical knowhow in referencing. In short, writers can avail help from different sources and can prepare attractive academic papers with ease.

9) How to use writing and proofreading tools

Digital illiteracy and related digital divide is not a problem faced by the student community, but those who follow traditional mode of writing and proofreading face the same. Still, the ultimate aim of those who follow traditional and modern modes of writing is same, perfection. To be specific, accuracy and free from grammatical and typological errors are essential for a completed piece of writing. Within this scenario, modern writers can make use of different tools to improve writing and proofread the same with ease. Online and offline tools can be easily used to write and make it free from errors. Some tips and ideas related to writing and proofreading are given below.

  • Make use of the Web for research purpose for the proposed writing because it can enhance the effectiveness of the completed paper as a whole.
  • Try to make sure that the materials to be used in the writing are not copy right protected. If, it is protected and cannot be used in other papers, it is better to seek permission from the author/s.
  • Mere spellchecking cannot be helpful to make the writing free from grammatical errors. Instead, manual checking can identify spelling mistakes and related grammatical errors.
  • Identify one's mistakes and weaknesses by one's own because online and offline tools can identify and rectify mistakes but individual effort to identify the same can help to avoid it in future.
  • Temporary breaks from the process of writing and proofreading can refresh and stimulate one's imagination and the efficiency to do work. So, it is essential to have short breaks and continue.
  • Taking printouts and going through it can make proofreading an easier task to be completed. If this is done, writer can easily handle the process of proofreading because printouts are handy and easy to read.
  • Reading aloud can be helpful to identify the common errors and grammar mistakes because it helps the writer to view or approach the completed paper from the view point of a reader.
  • While reading, try to find out various ways to improve the grammatical structure of the piece of writing because ambiguous grammatical structure can distract the readers from having deeper insight into the piece of writing.
  • Identify the correct spelling of names and places because the tools used for spelling check may not identify this sort of mistakes.
  • Correct use of punctuation marks is an essential factor of successful and effective writing. So, concentrate on the usage of punctuation marks and rectify mistakes, if any.

10) Difference between scholarship and admission essays

The basic difference between a scholarship essay and an admission essay is that the former aims to gain scholarship in the form of economic aid to continue education and the latter aims to gain admission to any educational institution. A person who prepares an admission essay will prepare an admission essay because admission to an educational institution is essential to gain scholarship. On the other side, a person who prepares an admission essay may or may not prepare a scholarship essay because one cannot predict that person's economic background.

The essay prepared by the applicant who intends to apply for a scholarship, is the integral part of the process of application because it helps the scholarship committee to know more about the applicant's aspiration and the urgency of economic aid. Applicants usually show keen interest in portraying how their urgent need is different from other applicants. To be specific, applicants are expected to disclose the standing out characteristics in their academics, other activities, and ultimate aim. On the other side, an admission essay is composed and enclosed with an application to an educational institution to gain admission to a specific educational program. Applicants are expected to follow the guidelines provided by the scholarship committee because they expect outstanding students who try their level best to attain success. So, the guidelines provided by the scholarship committee are a hook to evaluate the applicant's accuracy and ability to follow guidelines.

One can see that preparation of an admission essay is a usual process while applying for an educational program. There must be a central idea and its description in each paragraph so that the scholarship committee can easily go through the main ideas and have clearer picture of the applicant. Different educational institutions ask the applicants to follow different guidelines because some institutions try to test the student's intelligence and some other institutions try to test their career aspiration. Applicant is expected to describe his or her story in brief sentences without any lag by making use of indifferent words and complex sentence structure. In short, the applicant is expected to tell life story and the need to have scholarship, not to describe all the unneeded facts in detail. Still, students consider that there are several similar elements of scholastic improvement in both scholarship and admission essays because the ultimate aim is the continuation of education, with or without economic support.

11) Help with academic writing

Academic writing is the integral part of learning because it helps both the student and the instructor to have feedback on teaching-learning process. Students show keen interest in writing because they know that practice can help them to improve the quality of writing and to attain academic excellence. Similarly, scientists and writers provide importance to writing because improvement in writing helps scientists to publish their inventions and studies in journals and innovativeness in writing helps writers to sustain their unique status in the literary context. So, the best possible way to improve writing is to practice and consider writing as the part of daily routine work. If not, the person who intends to write may not be able to foresee the innovations in the field of writing. One can see that writing undergoes rapid change and it is essential to acquire new techniques and ideas in writing in no time. Some ideas to improve the output of writing are discussed under.

  • Basic knowledge in grammar and deep knowledge in language: This can help a writer to create sentences consisting of perfection with academic outlook. To be specific, writers must try to make use of language to reduce confusion related to the unwanted usage of lengthy sentences and ambiguous usage strange to the readers. The ultimate aim of writing is not to show-off one's knowledge, but to communicate with the individual reader in a clear manner.
  • Provide importance to genuine content: Writers are expected to make use of their own ideas in their writing. Unless, readers may consider that the writer is imitating or copy pasting matter from somewhere else. Genuine content decides the success of a piece of writing because readers expect the same from a writer. Never try to write about topics without any knowledge because it may harm the writer's reputation.
  • Plagiarized content: Before writing, a writer goes through different materials to collect ideas, facts, and evidences. This may affect the end product or the piece of writing because the information from the materials used for referencing purpose may be seen in the end product. If this seems to be similar, there arises the problem of plagiarism. Publishers never accept plagiarized content because it is totally unethical and against copy rights.

12) Finding sources for your research

Research-quantitative or qualitative-requires sources to quote from, to put forth as evidences, and as examples. Students learn the basics of research from schools because teachers show interest in assigning works requiting simple form of research. The tiresome effort to find out apt sources is generally considered as the integral part of higher education, especially during post graduation and related education. Still, custom dissertation writing service is an effective choice for a student who feels that the search for apt sources for research is futile. As pointed out, the method adopted for a specific research determines the importance of the sources. To be specific, quantitative research supports the usage of a number of sources in the proposed research paper. On the other side, qualitative research supports or requires sources with quality. Number of sources does not determine the success of a qualitative research, but quality does.

Within school environment or school complex, library is the most important source of research to collect information and relevant sources. First of all, students are expected to grasp the essence of the theme or the main idea of the proposed paper. After dividing the topic into different sections or points, students can easily prepare apt key words to conduct extensive research. While going through books and periodicals, students must take notes by highlighting the main points to be developed in the proposed paper. If the student considers that the source is most relevant, it is essential to find out quotes and related information on the same. Never limit the search for sources within books/periodicals section in a school/college library. Instead, students must try to go through voluminous books kept in libraries for reference purposes.

Similarly, students can depend upon key words and points to conduct internet search. Some students totally neglect the scope of libraries in their search for sources and accept the internet as the primary source for research purpose. But it is not a wise decision to discard libraries and make use of the internet as the primary source of information. Instead, different websites on the internet can be considered as on among the sources of information. Proportional use of library and the internet can help a student to force the teacher or instructor to realize that the student is interested in making use of different sources to collect information and to make use it for citation purpose.

13) Essay Writing Resources for College Admissions

Nowadays, writing an essay highlighting the applicant's career aspiration, academic qualifications, extra-curricular excellence, reason behind choosing an educational institution etc. becomes the focal point of admission procedure. Earlier, academic excellence was considered as the most important factor behind getting admitted at renowned educational institutions. This created a wide division between student community into brilliant students studying in renowned institutions and academically weak students studying in less renowned institutions. Now, admission process in colleges is undergoing rapid transformation and students are able to choose subjects and institutions according to their aptitude and career aspiration. An applicant who is attempting to complete an admission essay may feel uneasiness because the thought that his or her scope of admission solely rests upon a single piece of writing is really intimidating.

Still, applicants can easily deal with admission essays because there are several online and offline resources to help them prepare excellent admission essays. The first step leading to the successful completion of an application essay is that that the applicant must motivate and prepare the mind and must decide that the end product will be an outstanding application essay. The applicant must realize that admission process and the scope to get admission are based upon the coursework completed by the applicant, test scores, and the effectiveness of the admission essay. So, preparatory work during the course and related GPA are important factors that determine the scope of admission. After the completion of a specific course, applicant cannot make any change in the course work and GPA. Similarly, it is difficult to make any change in test scores. But, the applicant can easily influence the admission committee by preparing an outstanding admission essay.

Successful admission essays prove that deep understanding on the admission committee's aim. There will be hundreds and thousands of essays, and there must be something special in one's essay to get selected. To be specific, applicant must be able to prove that he or she is most suitable for admission. By going through different online and off-line sources, applicant can see that he or she must make use of the admission essay as a tool to communicate with the admission committee. In short, the applicant's essay must prove that he or she can contribute positively, and bring honor to the target educational institution.

14) Powerful websites to improve your writing skills

Writers gain acclaim in the mainstream society because people consider writing as a divine process done by those who are with immense knowledge in different fields. Nowadays, any person with basic idea in language and literature can claim and prove the status of a writer because anyone can be a writer or publisher on the Web. There is no restriction on the Web and there are several online portals and websites to improve the skill of writing. To be specific, an individual who is interested in writing can start a blog and unleash literary creativity. More creative individuals can contact publishers and get their works published. If one is interested in publishing one's works on one's own, online portals help to publish the same. But the publishing company will not be ready to suffer the economic burden related to publishing. Instead, the economic burden is fully vested upon the writer.

As pointed out, writers can make use of different websites like 'Writer's Digest' which increases the scope of writing in a better way. Besides, similar websites provide valuable information on publishing the literary works completed by writers. Those who are interested can indulge in community discussions related to writing, and can make use of blogs as a platform to get their works published. The aforementioned website is totally equipped with resources to help the writers. One can see that different genres of writing adopt different styles of writing. For instance, the writing style of an essay is entirely different from a novel. Online sources help a writer to identify this basic difference and act accordingly.

The 'Learning Lab', under the RMIT University, is equipped with resources related to all levels of writing. To be specific, writers can download and save information from this website as PDF files. This is helpful because writers can make use of information in different situations, whether in online or offline mode. The search engine named as OneLook contains online dictionaries and its updated versions helpful for writers who are interested in using different words and usages in their works. There are several English forums aiming to help those who are interested in making use of English as the medium of communication through writing. Writers can seek advice from experts and it can help to improve skills in writing.

15) Reflective thinking and writing

The quote "By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest" by Confucius, the world renowned Chinese thinker and teacher, proves the importance of reflective thinking. One need not misunderstand that reflective thinking is an easier process because it is related to one's personal experience and level of knowledge acquired. Those who deal with custom dissertation writing service know that reflective thinking can stimulate creativity and the process of writing. If one is with less interested in socialization, there is less scope for personal experiences. If one is not ready to acquire knowledge through reading and experience, there is less scope for reflective thinking related to the same.

Then, how to get indulged in reflective thinking and enhance one's writing? First of all, it is essential to change the course of action, i.e. the process of thinking. This sort of rapid and positive change in thinking on purpose can be used in writing. For instance, human mind wanders here and there without any specific aim. If the mind is conditioned to think over a specific theme or idea, it will be helpful to think reflectively. While a person gets totally immersed in reflective thinking, he or she is experiencing it without allowing the mind to wander. To be specific, purposeful thinking can help one to go beyond normal mode of experiencing because it forces to think about something. This can raise some questions in the mind and learn from it.

One can see that reflective thought helps human beings to take different decisions in different situations and act accordingly. If not, individuals may commit the same mistake in different situations. When this idea is superimposed into the context of reflective writing, it helps writers to transform their writing from dullness to vividness. Reflective thinking can help an individual to have self-awareness and it can change his or her views. It can result in self improvement because learning through experiencing something is an unending process. In short, reflective thinking can easily influence an individual's process of thought and it can improve writing because writing is the end product of reflective thinking.

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